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Alltop, confirmation that I kick ass

Author: toni

~ 04/12/09

Welcome to my website. It is dedicated to all those moms out there who, no matter how much they do, never feel good enough about their parenting efforts. You know who you are. It’s ALL OF YOU!

It’s because we’re trying to do it all (work, marriage, kids)! I mean, somebody told us we could, right? (Who was that person? Was it Gloria Steinem, cuz I’m pretty sure she never had a kid and was only briefly married once). 

So we juggle motherhood, jobs, relationships and the million responsibilities associated with each. And despite the impossibility of it, we moms strive to be PERFEKT (see FAQs to learn why it’s spelled this way) at everything. Especially to do the absolute best by our kids in the hopes that we will raise decent, thriving, productive human beings …or least NOT raise the next Unibomber. (I’ll bet his mom was proud).  

But no matter how hard we try, how much we do or even how well we do it… we feel GUILTY. Guilty that we’re not there enough, or that we’re there too much. Guilty that we aren’t strict enough, that we’re too strict, that we can’t be at every school function or that we’re too involved, that we overindulge our kids, that we’re not giving them enough, that we’re overprotective, that we’re not watchful enough, that, that, that… we’re just plain screwing them up! And that’s when we’re not obsessing about neglecting our jobs and husbands!

Well, RELAX. take a breath and remember… we’re here for each other, to remind each other that we’re doing okay. That we are good enough. And that there isn’t any screw up, real or perceived, that can’t be made better with love…and okay, a blended margarita. 

But in case you have trouble remembering all that, this website will remind you that YOU ARE NOT ALONE. Here you can find commiseration, vindication, sarcastic observation and the occasional recipe for a libation to help you through it all.

We can’t guarantee the guilt will go away. It probably won’t. But we can dull it with humor, empathy and by providing a place to vent. So sit back, relax (for as long as you can before the guilt sets in because you should be reading a bedtime story instead of this blog) and share.

Oh, and since you can’t let go of the guilt, let this website be your guilty pleasure.



P.S. Check out the programming sched below. Enjoy the posts. Click around, check out the whole website. Come back daily for more fun. And COMMENT! I want to hear what you think!

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  1. Thoroughly enjoyed your website. Can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings. You sure have a way with words. I got up in a “not so good”
    mood but after reading your website, I was laughing especially about the “$10.50 Wildcat”. Also, love reading about Julia and Mr. Perfekt.
    Please keep up the great work!!!!

    Comment by MomofMaci — April 13, 2009 @ 1:02 pm

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