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Alltop, confirmation that I kick ass

Author: toni

~ 04/12/09

I’ve decided I’m gonna run this website like a TV network. So, just like your favorite shows, you can tune in on specific days of the week and find specific programming. (Let’s face it, in this inconsistent world, we could all use a little consistency.  Right?)

  • MONDAY (aka Manic Momday) – A humorous post aboout all manner of Mamma Drama.
  • TUESDAY – Picture day! My weekly MAMMARAZI photo. And, if I’m so moved,  maybe a humorous anecdote.
  • WEDNESDAY – To get over the mid-week HUMP – More musings about guilt of all variety– wife, working mom and mommy.
  • THURSDAY –  Review day – movies, music, books, games, a look at what’s new, what’s helpful and what the heck is going on in the world that is influencing our kids, besides us. How DARE they?! And to make us feel  better about our less than perfeckt parenting skills, I’ll throw in the occasional review of BAD MOMMIES IN MOVIES  and  GOOD MOMMIES IN MOVIES  (click the link to take you to the permanent PAGES on my website).
  • FRIDAY – BLUNDER THEN BLENDER – a weekly recipe for a cocktail and a few words of wisdom (or wisecracking) to help wash away the week’s guilt so we can start all over again tomorrow.
  • SATURDAY & SUNDAY – no posts. I have to spend SOME time with my kid or I’ll, yeah you guessed it,  feel too freakin’ guilty!!!

NOTE: Because this is the first week, this schedule will vary some as I provide you with more of a sampler platter of guilt and anecdotes to give you an idea of what’s on the site. Next week (starting April 20th) the schedule will truly kick in…maybe.

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