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Alltop, confirmation that I kick ass

Author: toni

~ 04/14/09

Movies with really, really bad moms that make us feel good about our less than perfekt parenting skills.  

Okay, if your checked out the PAGES section on my website, you came across the BAD MOMMIES IN MOVIES page. This is where I list movies featuring mommies in movies who are SOOO BAD, that they make us look like the Mother Teresas of mommydom. Cuz no matter how sucky we think we are, we can NEVER be as bad as these moms. Hence, the VINDICATION!

Okay, I know it’s a slightly hinky way to make ourselves feel better about our parental screw-ups and failures, but hey, I’ll take whatever I can get. Guilt is a big, hairy, flatulent monster, baby. Slay it however you can. Oh, and a nice pinot grigio will help too.

So here are a couple more movies (in addition to the ones already on the list) to help you wash that guilt right out of your hair. I mean…if you actually HAD time to watch a movie. And if you did, shouldn’t you be having sex with your husband, putting away the laundry or finishing that presentation for work?  Then again. Maybe you should be spending time with your kid….


LITTLE CHILDREN – This recent movie with Kate Winslet as a bored suburban housewife/mommy in a loveless marriage may be one of the more relatable movies on our list (except for the bored and loveless part of course!). Playdates between Kate’s daughter and a handsome stay-at-home daddy’s son lead to some serious lapses in mommy judgment. Most of which include hot, sweaty sex between Kate and the daddy in rooms next to the one that their kiddies are napping in. Okay, maybe not a 10 on the Bad Mom-O-Meter. But not exactly the best show of judgment. I mean, what if her daughter woke up? Someone would have a hard time explaining why Mommy and Mr. Adamson were naked and what exactly Mr. Adamson was looking for “down there”. 


PSYCHO – True, Mama Bates is a shriveled corpse in this story. But you know when she was alive, she did a real number on Norman. Maybe she dressed him in pink ruffly panties and taunted his masculinity. Who knows? Whatever she did, it was the perfect formula to create a guy with some serious psychological issues. Whatever you’re turning your kids into with your mothering, knife-wielding serial-killing mama’s boy is not likely among them. So relax.  And watch this one after the little ones are safely tucked in bed and sound asleep. (Oh and as a side note. Check out Janet Leigh’s undergarments and appreciate how far Victoria’s Secret has brought us.)

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