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Alltop, confirmation that I kick ass

Author: toni

~ 04/16/09

YOU DID IT! You made it through a whole week of motherhood and your kids are still living, thriving human beings! Kudos to you! Now sit back, relax and reward yourself with a little drink! Something with a kick to it (that will help you stop kicking yourself for all the mistakes you think you made, or for the ways you think you’ve failed your children). ENJOY! Preferably in the company of one or more of your good mommy friends! That’s what I do!

Here’s a favorite drink among the Friday Fun Mommies in my neighborhood.


The perfekt solution for the imperfekt mom’s imperfekt day.

Mammakaze Margaritas        

In a blender….

5 shots of tequila

2 shots of triple sec

5 shots of margarita mix


Blend and serve with a side of guilt and guacamole


(NOTE: If you’re using strawberry margarita mix, throw in a few of those frozen strawberries that you get in the frozen section because you’re not a perfekt enough mom to have fresh fruit around at a moment’s notice)


And remember…don’t feel guilt and drive.

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