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Alltop, confirmation that I kick ass

Author: toni

~ 04/22/09

Really, really good moms in movies who INSPIRE us to be better.

I’ll be honest with you. It being Review Day Thursday, I was gonna post a review of this amazing kick-ass workout dvd that is supposed to make your butt look “aesthetically pleasing”.  But after the mamma drama of the week (snake bites, ambulance rides, anti-venom, ICUs, mysterious sticky spots on hospital room floors) I just wasn’t feelin’ it.

I was needing something less gluteally uplifting and more SPIRITUALLY uplifting. Cuz let’s face, a firm butt is NOT the answer to everything (although it’s a darn good start).

So I decided to do a movie review for my GOOD MOMMIES IN MOVIES page. (You’ve seen it. It’s near my BAD MOMMIES IN MOVIES page.) Watching an impossibly perfect mom in action can inspire us in our quest for perfekt parenting skills. These super mommies show us how the really good moms do it, so we can try to do it too. Or at least THINK about trying. Or at least think about trying it NEXT YEAR…when that resolution time rolls around again.

Anyway, this week’s “good mommy” features AN ANIMATED SUPERHERO

HOW THE HECK ARE YOU GONNA EMULATE THAT?! you ask. Well I don’t know about you, but this week I felt a little like a superhero when I quick-fast sprung into action to help save Randy after the rattlesnake bite. And I was pretty darn animated doing it, too.  Perhaps this movie will make you feel the same. 



Is there any arguing that Helen Parr (Elastagirl) is one of the coolest movie moms ever? I mean, she can fry up the bacon AND save the world. She’s there for her kids and her husband. And she can turn herself into a parachute when the jet carrying the family blows up. Yet she’s relatable. I mean, she’s concerned about the size of her hips in that tight-fitting super hero outfit. And she wants her kids to have a normal upbringing, despite the fact that they’re anything but. And while we non-animated moms may not have the ability to bend our bodies in a million different ways, this movie reminds us about the ways we DO bend ourselves to be there for our husbands, kids and work. Let’s face it, that balancing act alone makes us superheroes. No?


NOTE: Tune in tomorrow for a special edition of our BLUNDER THEN BLENDER segment that is – how shall I put this – thematically relevant to the week’s events.

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