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Alltop, confirmation that I kick ass

Author: toni

~ 05/10/09

Yes, it’s Manic Momday again. Another work/school week begins.

Hope you had a lovely Mother’s Day weekend. I did. Randy the perfekt husband took me on a date Saturday night. Yes, sitter and all. He had to rest all day first because the snake bite is still really troubling him. We had dinner at a place we’d never been to before.  I had an $11 martini! Yikes!  We went to see the new Star Trek movie. (Nerd Alert!) We got home after 11:00 pm!  Yes, I was still awake. So was Julia. I dropped off the sitter. Came home. Julia was STILL UP! Sunday we had chocolate chip pancakes, which I made and cleaned up. Julia made a card for me. We saw the Hannah Montana Movie. It was pretty much the typical Mother’s Day. I spent it with the two people directly responsible for making me a mother. Absolute perfection!


So WHAT’S COOKIN’? on Mammakaze this week? We’ve got loads in store! We’ve got:

1.  Biohazardous bathrooms courtesy of the men in our lives!

2. What happens when breastfeeding goes bye-bye!

3. A review on Review Day Thursday of the Star Trek Film (is it for kids?!). And the Hannah Montana Movie (is it for anyone other than kids?).

4. AND we have a new column called Confessions of a Guilty Mom (Okay, I confess. It’s me).


We’re glad you’re back. We hope you tune in daily. Remember to share the link or any posts with your friends! And please, COMMENT!

Happy Manic Momday!

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