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Alltop, confirmation that I kick ass

Author: toni

~ 05/20/09

I’ve been feeling a little hormonal this week, so my moods have been all over the map. And naturally, I feel guilty that the gamma rays that radiated off me as a result may have inadvertently fallen upon my daughter a time or two. So you know what I need…a little VINDICATION!

So I’m doing a Bad Mommies in Movies Post. I picked the movie CARRIE because, frankly, no matter how moody I get, it’s nothing compared to the off-the-charts zealous moodiness of that madcap cutlery-brandishing mamma in the flowing white gown – MRS. WHITE. Thanks Piper Laurie. You’ve convinced me that as mommies go…Julia could do worse!   

CARRIE – Few horrible moms are as terrifying as Mrs. White (Piper Laurie in an Oscar nominated performance) in this Stephen King story. As the religious zealot who sheltered her teenaged daughter to the point of convincing her that menstrual blood was a sign of her “sin”, it’s no wonder Carrie was so messed up. This is an extreme example of what bad parenting can drive children to do. And while you may have gone overboard a time or two with your nagging at your kids about dirty socks and the location of the hamper, take comfort in the fact that you’ll likely never drive them to burn down the high school gymnasium during their senior prom, trapping the entire senior class inside.

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