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Alltop, confirmation that I kick ass

Author: toni

~ 05/21/09


The drink this Friday is a MOJITO! Why Mojitos you ask? Well, I like the way it tastes. And almost more  importantly I like the way it sounds when I say it really fast and with a Spanish accent.

Try it.  “Mojito!” See? Didn’t that make you feel all, I don’t know, exotic and tropical with a dash of daring? I don’t know about you but it brings on this fantasy of me decked out in one of those off-the-shoulder peasanty blouses, a twirly skirt, some gigantic JLo hoop earrings and a ripped Islander with an eye patch.

Why lo-cal you ask? Because there’s a reason the above is only a fantasy.  Also, it’s Memorial Weekend and I promised Julia we’d make our debut at the community pool.

So, here’s a guilt-free cocktail to get you in the holiday weekend mood! 

Lo-Cal Mojito 

3/4 oz fresh lime juice

1 packet Splenda

4-5 fresh mint leaves

1 ½ oz light rum

2 oz club soda

glass of ice cubes


Pour lime juice into glass. Add mint and Splenda, stir until dissolved. Add rum and ice cubes, followed by club soda. Garnish with a fresh spring of mint.


(NOTE: While I normally encourage creative substitution, in this case fresh mint is REALLY IMPORTANT to this recipe so I can’t guarantee the taste if you choose to substitute it with, say, those mint lifesavers from the bottom of your purse. However, if you do, preferably do so WITHOUT the purse lint).


Have a wonderful Memorial Weekend.

And remember…don’t feel guilt and drive.

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