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Author: toni

~ 05/26/09


I don’t know WHY COLLEEN HAUSER brought her cancer-stricken son DANIEL back home after defying court-ordered medical treatment and running off with him because chemo was against her religious beliefs. CLICK HERE FOR MY PREVIOUS POST ON THE SUBJECT

Maybe she saw the futility of life on the run – knowing eventually the law would catch up to her. Maybe it was the pleas of her husband, who has supposedly changed his mind about the chemo.  Some reports say it was because she feared going into Mexico as planned for alternative treatments because of stories of violence against Americans. (NOT because that apricot pit stuff and coffee enemas worked soooo well for Andy Kaufman and Steve McQueen).  I’d like to think it was because in the end, she is a mother, and the most important thing to her, above all else, is her son’s well-being.

I can understand not wanting to put your child through the trauma of chemotherapy and all that it entails. It is a toxic and barbaric solution to a devastating illness. No mother should have to face that. No child either. And if the chances were slim, and quality of life so horribly compromised as a result, the decision against it would be more understandable to me.

But there is something like a 90% cure rate of DANIEL HAUSER’s kind of cancer if he does the chemo! 90% people! Almost nothing is 90% in this world! Not your chances of winning the lottery. Or of staying married. Or even getting pregnant – despite what your mother told you in high school! 90% is almost perfect. It’s like an “A” ! Who would pass up an “A”?! No one I know!

The odds Daniel would DIE without the chemo? Almost 100%! Yeah. You do the math. Or if you’re really bad at odds and statistics (or fitting your shoes back into a shoebox) like me – just trust me when I tell you that people who DO understand all that stuff say that you’d have to be OUT OF YOUR FREAKING MIND TO PASS UP THE CHEMO!

Apparently Daniel is still against the chemo. His parents have decided to let the courts decide. Perhaps by taking the decision out of her own hands, Colleen Hauser can feel that she hasn’t turned her back on her own beliefs… I hope so. I can understand that it would be hard for her to feel she has to make a choice between her faith and her son’s life. (Okay. I CAN’T really. It just sounded like the right thing to say.)

Because really, when you’re a mom, is there even a choice? I say NO. I can say that see – because, well….this is MY website. And I’m opinionated that way. You know what else I am? A believer in freedom to believe what you want. Yep. I am sooo  a believer in that….Well, as long as it’s not hurting your kid.

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