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Alltop, confirmation that I kick ass

Author: toni

~ 05/28/09


That’s right, ladies!  A mule isn’t just a type of shoe. It’s also a cocktail! (Okay, it’s an animal too, but that’s waaaaay down our definition list).  

This Friday’s cocktail was NOT the suggestion of a MAMMAKAZE. Rather it was submitted by a DINK (Double Income No Kids).  And it is so brilliantly simple and yummy sounding that I have found yet one more reason for my DINK ENVY.  

Also, this particular DINK (Tony) lives in New York City – in a penthouse apartment! So when you’re sipping on this cocktail after a long week of mommy stress, imagine yourself doing so in some exclusive, dimly-lit, swank Manhattan nightclub with jazz playing and surrounded by uber-thin, beautiful people dressed in black . (Suggestion: Don’t imagine the smoke-filled room part). 



Lime juice (fresh squozen for that homey “yes I CAN do it all” taste)

Ginger beer (spicy is good)


Put your vodka in a glass ( you choose your prescription strength)

Add anywhere from half a lime to a whole lime’s worth of juice.


Top off with ginger beer – usually around double the amount of vodka, but no one’s watching.

NOTE FROM TONY THE DINK (in his own words): “An overcompensating DINK might make their own ginger ale such that it’s spicy enough to substitute for the ginger beer…. but gosh, I can’t imagine who that would be….”


Ah, Tony. It must be lovely being a DINK. Unfortunately, we mommies don’t have time to make our own ginger ale. We’re lucky if we remember to buy ANY of the ingredients. Well, besides the VODKA. Because while we’re preoccupied and therefore absentminded, we still have our priorities straight…Kids safe in bed. CHECK! Innoculations up-to-date. CHECK! Vodka. CHECK! CHECK! CHECK!


And remember… Don’t feel guilt and drive!

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