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Alltop, confirmation that I kick ass

Author: toni

~ 06/03/09

And yet more MOVIE MATH!


DRAG ME TO HELL – Okay let’s get this out of the way right up front. This movie is NOT for little kids. But know what? It’s FUN FOR GROWN-UPS! No, it wasn’t perfect. The ending was way too obvious. But if you’re a fan of THE EVIL DEAD MOVIES…then old horror meister SAM RAIMI (who also did the SPIDERMAN movies) does not disappoint. This story is about a sweet loan officer ALLISON LOHMAN who is desperate to show her boss that she has backbone and thus denies an OLD GYPSY WOMAN an extension on her house loan. Well she should have known the moment she saw the corpse-like nails on the old broad NOT to turn her down. Alas, apparently Allison has not seen as many horror movies as I have. Hence unfolds a tale filled with curses, staples to the head, vomit, hell-inspired temblors, and some weird underworld creature that kinda reminded me of the CHUPACABRA (the Mexican Goat Sucker). Sam Raimi tosses it all in PLUS a kitchen sink full of bodily fluids and bizarre dialogue that alternately GROSSES YOU OUT and makes you LAUGH. It’s definitely a throwback to the older style campy horror films. You know, the ones that weren’t all about graphic torture (like SAW). So if you’re looking for some humor with your projectile vomit and gypsy curses (and I know I AM)…This is the movie for you.

The moral of this story? Be nice or you’ll GO TO HELL! Which, now that I think of it…if you’re a parent trying to get that point across to your kid maybe this movie might be appropriate for…NAH. Adults ONLY.


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