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Alltop, confirmation that I kick ass

Author: toni

~ 06/04/09

Another Friday. THE Friday. The last day of school in this neck of the MAMMAKAZE WOODS! For the next 74 days it is my job to entertain a 7 year-old. HOLY CRAP! I need a drink! 

Did you like that segue into this week’s drink recipe? Smooth, huh? Okay. Maybe not so smooth. But you know what is? …the following drink. Yes, it’s Lo-Cal because, although it’s already June, I still hold out hope that I can shave off a couple of pounds. And while the ideal thing would be to give up cocktails altogether, let’s face it…we DO NOT live in an ideal world. I don’t anyway. And if you’re like me and facing weeks of round-the-clock babysitting… YOU NEED THIS. TRUST ME.




1/3 oz vodka 

1/3 oz rum

1/3 oz gin

1/3 oz tequila

3/4 oz fresh lemon juice

2 packets Splenda

2 Tbsp water

Diet cola

Fresh slice lemon

Tall glass of ice



Dissolve Splenda in water. Add mixture to cocktail shaker, along with all liquors and lemon juice. Shake well. Pour into tall cocktail glass filled with ice, add diet cola until filled. Garnish with fresh slice of lemon. (Or if in dire straits, stick in a lemon-flavored Dum Dum sucker you have in that bag of old emergency Halloween candy you’ve got stashed behind your tampons).


There. Doesn’t that sound good and mostly guilt-free?  ENJOY IT! It’s gonna be a looooong summer, baby.

Remember, don’t feel guilt and drive.

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