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Alltop, confirmation that I kick ass

Author: toni

~ 06/14/09

Julia and I are back from a lovely visit to West Virginia where we didn’t watch TV for 6 days! What DID we watch, you ask in shock?

SUMMER THUNDERSTORMS moving across rolling fields, FIREFLIES flickering against the blackness of night, BABY RABBITS nibbling in Grandma Ada’s garden and BIRDS feeding in the birdhouses my dad built before he died. (Okay, also LOTS of ROADKILL at the side of the road. The state is teeming with wild animals. And they and cars DO NOT MIX.)

And you know what? Julia LOVED every minute of it. But now we’re back in L.A., land of traffic and suburban sprawl. And that brings us to another week of MAMMAKAZE!

So what’s on the agenda this week?

1) Further confirmation that KATE GOSSELIN is a BAD MOMMY.  Check out the VIDEO on the POST BELOW! It’s unbelievable!

2) On the Mammarazi Pages…what’s better for a kid: a city or country upbringing?

3) Movie Review of the soon-to-be released dvd of the movie CORALINE.

Also other stuff I’m still working on! I’ll keep ya posted! Get it? Posted?  Clever, huh?

Yes. I know…it’s why you keep coming back!

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