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Alltop, confirmation that I kick ass

Author: toni

~ 06/21/09


Welcome, welcome, welcome. Hope your weekend was a good one. If there’s a “father” in your picture, I hope you shared some special moments with him that didn’t include a necktie in a box…unless he’s into that sort of thing. 

We had a great Father’s Day! I made breakfast. By that I mean I popped Trader Joe’s multi-grain french toast into a toaster. I DID serve it up with sliced strawberries on lovely plates with placements and a vase of flowers cut from our garden. So while the meal was lacking, the presentation kicked ass!

We gave Randy the present we made him – a scrapbook of Julia’s 1st grade year. We made one for him last year of her kindergarten year so I guess it’s officially a tradition…SIGH. He was amused by how I addressed the envelope of the card. TO: Dad a.k.a. Dad. Dad! DAD! Watch me the WHOLE TIME!

We went to the driving range so he could try out his two new clubs (the present he bought himself). We all hit balls for like two hours. Then had a lovely lunch for which I had coupons (which always makes me REALLY happy).  We saw the movie “UP”. Then home, grilling and 2 games of HARRY POTTER CLUE (I finally won a game! Don’t laugh. Randy and Julia are ruthless!).

And now that Daddy’s Day is done. It’s Mammakaze time!


So, this week on MAMMAKAZE:

1) Tattoos: A mother’s nightmare. A Belgian teen got 56 stars on her face. Yikes! SEE POST BELOW!

2) Movie review of, you guessed it, “UP”

3) Also, I normally don’t post on Sundays. But yesterday I did a little something in honor of my hubby for Father’s Day. Check it out if you’re so inclined. But be warned…it’s a little sappy. Sarcastic and sappy. My yin and yang. Who’da thunk?


I’m winging the rest. What? you think that scrapbook made itself?!

Thanks for coming back. And keep spreading the word!

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