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Alltop, confirmation that I kick ass

Author: toni

~ 06/23/09


Well, it’s official. After weeks of speculation and watching their marriage unravel in the public eye, Jon & Kate have called it quits! They made a statement on their show and filed divorce papers yesterday. 

Normally, we at MAMMAKAZE would have lots of snarky things to say about this situation. It’s our nature. But there’s nothing funny when a family breaks up. On the contrary, it is a tragic day.

It is our hope that the Gosselins find some sense of resolution and peace. And that maybe this separation will actually make Kate and Jon happier. Because children can’t be happy if the adults around them are filled with anger and resentment. No matter how parents may try to hide it, kids sense it. They are smart, intuitive little creatures who sniff out discord and strife. (Although all you needed was eyes, ears and a strong stomach to get the fact that Jon and Kate weren’t happy.)

In the end, it’s all about the kids. And we can only hope that’s where the parents’ hearts are in this instance.

As has been stated before on MAMMAKAZE and will undoubtedly be stated AGAIN:

It is ALWAYS the children who suffer when parents act like morons.


Here’s hoping the Gosselins do some growing up now. And I’m not talking about the minors.

UPDATE: TLC has put the show in hiatus until August while they figure out how to turn this divorce thing into a moneymaking venture the family regroups. 

Oops. Sorry. Was that snarky? Me bad.

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