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Alltop, confirmation that I kick ass

Author: toni

~ 06/25/09


What a week!  It was a whirlwind! Packed with all kinds of exciting activities. For Julia that is. Did I mention that she has a more active social life than I do?  On one particular day she had SWIM LESSONS, followed by SCIENCE CAMP and then straight to PIANO LESSONS.  .

Know what I did on a summer day when I was a kid? Watched old reruns of “THE BRADY BUNCH”. Or played outside until the streetlights came on. Whatever best suited the edict that we “stay out of our mom’s hair” cuz she didn’t have an “Alice” to do the laundry or prepare meals for a family of seven.

My mom didn’t feel one iota of guilt about any of it. Me? Oh yeah. I’m guilt central. So, to help ease the guilt, I believe I’ll have a cocktail, thank you! Oh please. It’s only once a week.

Anyhow, after the MUDSLIDE recipe, there were reports of disgruntled mommies who wanted something simpler, with fewer ingredients and less reading involved. Cuz after a guilt-filled week, who wants to follow a complicated recipe? So here it is. Simple yet sweet. Something lovely for a hot summer’s day.



3/4 small flute of champagne

1/4 flute of peach puree


Spoon peach puree in bottom of champagne flute. Fill to top with champagne.


HOW’S THAT FOR SIMPLE? If it was any simpler it would be, well, just a glass of champagne!


ENJOY! And remember, don’t feel guilt and drive!

*NOTE: Also, look into sugar-free, low-calorie cocktail mixes such as Baja Bob’s, perfect for low-carb dieters, Weight Watchers members, or just those diet-conscious social drinkers!



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