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Author: toni

~ 06/26/09


Since my RANT in my EARLIER POST about the whole MICHAEL JACKSON THING, I am now hearing that DEBBIE ROWE, the biological mother of Prince I and Paris DID NOT relinquish custody of her children. Though she tried in a court of law. The JUDGE, in the end, refused it.  Uh, good judgment, Judge…I guess. 

Soooo….looks like she has a claim to the kids after all! What does this mean?

1) Prince I and Paris would likely get split from their brother Prince II (aka Blanket).

2) They will be raised by a mother who gave them up for a cash payment and a lifetsyle and will take them back because there’s the possibility of more cash and a continuation of said lifestyle.

That’s just great. Like these kids need any more trauma in their young lives. I hope they don’t get split up. What a horrible thing to do to these young children. I’m sure they love each other. And they NEED each other. These kids probably relied heavily on one another to survive the freakshow that was their life.

I don’t think it’s gonna be that easy. Look at the custody nightmare that ensued after Anna Nicole Smith died. Nope. I foresee a long, ugly battle in the making. People will be coming out of the woodwork to stake a claim to these THREE YOUNG LIVES in the hopes that they will reap riches off their Father’s name.

Michael Jackson’s former wife, LISA MARIE PRESLEY said on her blog that Michael was afraid of ending up just like ELVIS. Well, it’s looking like his fear has come true. But perhaps, like Elvis, he will end up making more money AFTER his death than when he was alive. Because reports are surfacing that Michael Jackson was apparently in debt to the tune of $400 million dollars! Geez. I suddenly don’t feel so bad about my student loans.

What the heck do you spend $400 million dollars on? Ostrich masks? Comic books? Or right, HUSH PAYMENTS and DEMEROL..oh, and that BMW lease for your live-in DOCTOR who keeps you tweaked.  

What a mess! I hope his kids have the opportunity to profit from their father’s talents and that some gold-digger posing as a guardian doesn’t come in and take it all from them.

And if Debbie Rowe DOES get them, I hope that somewhere on a cellular (biological not Sprint)  level, there is some iota of maternal instinct in her. That she feels that connection and stirring within her that a mother feels for her child. And I’m not talking about the thrill that comes with the idea that they might get you a book deal and a wax figure at Madame Tussauds.


UPDATE: The Jackson Clan has announced that they will fight DEBBIE ROWE tooth and nail should she try to get custody of the kids. They say the kids belong “within the family”.

Those kids are lost.

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  1. Greetings Mammakaze family!
    You know if 3 beautiful lives were not involved in this – it would make a great afternoon soap story BUT those poor children. I feel they are doomed whereever they end up. In their formative years they
    were made to wear those “gawd-awful” masks, do you think they think that was normal?? Mom and Pop Jackson did such a wonderful job with Michael and his siblings, I shutter that they go there. Debbie Rowe is only insterested in the cash and that’s obvious. So, in my humble
    opinion, I guess in the best interest of the children, give guardianship to Mom Jackson with the understanding that their Nanny is
    retained. After all, she is probably the only stability those children know. That is if she passes a review by a court-appointed
    social worker or whoever is in charge for the children. After all, I
    know nothing about the Nanny except she has been there for those children. Dear God, please look after these 3 beautiful souls and keep them safe.

    Today, my problems look so small!
    Love to all my fellow Mammakazes! Have a super weekend and be thankful that we were not born a “Jackson”!

    Comment by MomofMaci — June 27, 2009 @ 9:11 am

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