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Alltop, confirmation that I kick ass

Author: toni

~ 07/05/09


Hi MAMMAKAZES! Hope your 4th was fun and safe!

There won’t be a post today as I am currently driving down a long, boring stretch of highway keeping myself occupied by listening to mariachi music which is all I can get on the radio. And staying alert via the adrenaline that SHOOTS through my system every time some moron driving 90 miles an hour thinks that that space I’ve left between me and the car in front of me (formally known as braking distance) is actually a space I’ve courteously left for him to SQUEEZE IN.

Where are Randy the perfekt husband and Julia while you are counting down the miles in increments of 50 to keep yourself from road madness? Well, even though I am writing this BEFORE it is actually happening, I can assure you that Randy will be dozing in the passenger seat. And Julia will be in the back seat watching Harry Potter 3 or 5 (her favorites) on the portable dvd player for the umpteenth time.

Why isn’t Randy driving? Well, because he makes a miserable commute all week long. So it is only fair I do the driving on long trips. Also, I am a control freak who trusts NO ONE else behind the wheel!

Please tune in tomorrow as the comments and opinions of READERS about the SHOULD I GET JULIA A DOG? debate will be posted.

The rest of the week will be… a SURPRISE!

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