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Alltop, confirmation that I kick ass

Author: toni

~ 07/07/09


Okay. I can’t stay away from the Michael Jackson news…but only because IT WON’T STAY AWAY FROM ME!

See, I live in the L.A. area. I come home after 5 days of vacation bliss to be bombarded with pictures like this (BELOW).

If you guessed that these elephants are part of Michael Jackson’s funeral today, you’d be CORRECT!

Just like his life, his death has become a 3 RING CIRCUS. They’re expecting up to a million people downtown today. I’m sure the folks that work down there are thrilled with that. Okay, maybe the restaurants are. Food-wise. Plumbing-wise. Not so much. Cuz if there’s one thing I learned from a week on the road.


I won’t beat a dead horse with the reiteration of my observation that this likely pedophile is getting more adoration and attention at his funeral than decent men like my dad did. Oh, also that if he was that guy on The Megan’s Law List that rented a house in the upper cul de sac in my development, the only circus that would be parading for him is the Circus of Mommies doing CARTWHEELS and singing “ZIPPITY DOO DAH!”.

Okay. But MICHAEL JACKSON was a BIG STAR. The KING of POP in fact. He brought joy to millions with his songs. And so his life will be celebrated as he is laid to rest today.

But does it have to cost the city of LOS ANGELES (my city) $4 million dollars !?! Yeah, that’s right.   Hundreds of teachers are getting laid off. (Five at my kid’s school alone). City programs have been cut.  Including summer day care for working class parents. City employees are being furloughed. Heck, we couldn’t even afford to put on a parade for The Lakers when they won the title recently (wealthy businessmen footed that bill). Yet we Taxpayers are paying $4 million dollars for the police, etc., it is going to take to put on this guy’s funeral!


Thanks, Michael Jackson. Even in death you’re incurring debt.

I am SOOOO done with this.


What do YOU think? Should we taxpayers foot this bill?

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  1. Amen Sister Mammokaze. I admit that MJ was a very talented musician but other talented musicians have died before and never got this much
    attention. I just scanned my television and every network is covering this and not only that but when the funeral is over, they will review it and review it on the news and all the cable networks.
    (When will Greta ever get back to crimefighting???)

    I think that what this “extravaganza” is costing LA should come out of all the millions/billions that MJ’s estate will be making with
    future “the last non-released concert” etc, etc. Why should LA pay for all this?

    Ok, I will get off my soap box and go outside and enjoy the sunshine.
    I’m swearing off TV for the day!

    Comment by MomofMaci — July 7, 2009 @ 11:44 am

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