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Alltop, confirmation that I kick ass

Author: toni

~ 07/21/09


So did you hear that PRESIDENT OBAMA went out to throw the ceremonial first pitch at the MLB All-Star Game in St. Louis? Yep. And did reporters comment on his his arm? His precision?  His overall athleticism or lack thereof? Nope! They commented on his choice of jeans: Accusing Obama of wearing MOM JEANS!

And by using the term MOM JEANS, they were hurling an insult! Know why? Cuz apparently “Mom Jeans” means FRUMPY JEANS! Don’t believe me? Obama verified it himself by responding to the accusation by admitting that he “did look a little FRUMPY”. So he’s in on it too! Hey Barack! How would you like it if we said we were feeling “Obamish” and by that we meant in the mood to check out some 18 year-old girl’s butt at the G8 Summit? Hurts, doesn’t it?

When the heck did MOM become synonymous with things frumpy, unattractive and unappealing? I’m sorry, but I take GREAT OFFENSE to this negative mom reference.

And this isn’t the first time I have heard it either! I remember when JESSICA SIMPSON, during her downward spiral into obscurity (which by the way is near completion since her recent birthday dumping by Tony Romo- ouch!) performed at some state fair in what paparazzi termed “MOM JEANS”. (See picture right). Yeah. They’re some butt ugly jeans. But why does that mean they’re MOM JEANS?

I don’t know any moms who wear jeans like that! Obviously 29 year-old childless has-beens who are pimped-out by their fathers wear them. Maybe they should be Jessica Simpson Jeans.

Who came up with this term anyway? And what moms do they hang out with? Not any of the moms I know, thank you very much. The moms I know wear jeans with labels like Lucky Brand and Diesel. And even if they aren’t brand names, they’re cute and tight and ride so low that the tops of their thongs show! Real moms aren’t into comfort! It’s all about style! And flash! And, yeah, some “flashing” if you bend over too far to tie your kid’s shoe. THOSE are the “REAL MOMS OF TODAY” JEANS!  

Okay. I admit, I own one pair of Lee jeans. BUT, in my defense it is a pair from their cute, hip line. Yeah, Lee has a line like that. Or they did when I got them as freebies in a giveaway promotion. No elastic waistlines that actually sit AT YOUR WAIST, these jeans! No siree-bob. These jeans are just as uncomfortable and tight and show as much crack as any $150 Diesel pair you can buy at Nordstroms.

The point is, the term “Mom Jeans” is a misogynistic slur. That’s right. It’s woman-hating. I’m a woman. And I HATE IT! As long as this term is permitted to be bandied about it will perpetuate the stereotype of mommies as badly dressed, dowdy, plain, frumpish, old-fashioned, outdated, shabby, sloppy, stodgy and GASP! dare I say it…   unstylish! 

We mommies can’t allow that! We need to UNITE AGAINST IT! Okay. I know. Who has the time? Whatever precious few seconds we have to ourselves we spend sleeping or squeezing into our stylish jeans.

At the very least we need a JESSE JACKSON equivalent who will stick their face in the camera every time the term is used… point the finger of shame and fight for our right to be perceived as COOL!  ANY TAKERS?

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