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Alltop, confirmation that I kick ass

Author: toni

~ 08/16/09


Okay, Mommies! Start your engines! You’re about to race toward the finish line of summer! I don’t know about you, but in our neck of the woods, school starts this week.  

And after all my bitching, moaning, and anxiety about what in the heck I was gonna do with a 7 year-old for 74 days… Now that it’s over… I’m sad. Oh admit it. You are too. A little, at least?

Guilt alert! I know some of the sadness stems from the fact that I’ve been so sick the last few weeks and feel that I’ve missed out on so much time with her. Time I can never regain. 

Mamma Mia alert!  “What happened to those wonderful adventures? The places I had planned for us to go. Some of them we did but most we didn’t. And why I just don’t know.”

Yes. I can quote Bjorn and Borkenstromlederhosen or whatever those Abba guys names are. What are you gonna do about it?

Anyway, my focus now is on getting better. And after a week away from my website, I’m feeling strong enough to MAMMAKAZE again. I’m not back to 100% Super mommy mode. But I’m working on overcoming this kryptonite of the throat. Unfortunately, I still can’t speak above a whisper. Fortunately, I CAN speak with my fingers…on a computer keyboard. And as you know, I have LOTS TO SAY! 


This week on MAMMAKAZE:

1) Self-humiliation! I’ve been toying with today’s post for a while. Wondering if I really wanted to be so self-revelatory. But what the heck. I’ve choked within an inch of passing out. Everything else is a piece of coffee cake!

2) Uh, still working on the rest. You’ll give me that, right? I’ve been sick!


Thanks for coming. Please come back. And tell a friend.

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