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Alltop, confirmation that I kick ass

Author: toni

~ 08/18/09


Okay. Remember my post the other day about FINDING A GRAY HAIR DOWN THERE. Well, a fellow MAMMAKAZE commented on that post and let me know that there is a solution that is less painful than a Brazilian Wax and less humiliating than giving your colorist access to your “flair down there”.  May I present….



According to the ad:

Color has reached the final frontier!  No more gray days ahead.  Give hair down there a beautiful boost of color destined to brighten up more than your smile.  Choose the shade that’s close to your natural color, mix & apply. 

Available in:

Auburn Spice                Radiant Red    
Midnight Blaque            Natural Blonde 
Black Cherry                 Natural Brunette



Okay. I’m not sure why there’s a rose on the box. I guess it’s cuz our moms all told us to  protect our “flower”.  And the ad folks took the term seriously. Or maybe the stuff smells like roses. Or maybe, due to censorship laws, they weren’t allowed to show actual examples of the color like they do on the Miss Clairol Boxes.

That’d be something, huh? Being a pubic hair color model? What do you tell your friends? Your parents?! Your kids’ teacher?

You’re passing the hair color products aisle at the Walmart and you say, “Oh hey! Look! That’s me!” Or worse yet, someone you KNOW recognizes you from the picture on the box. Cuz you know, I heard they’re like snowflakes. No two are alike. MAYBE they should have put a snowflake on the box!

I don’t know what color Black Cherry is….but Randy the perfekt husband is in for a BIG SURPRISE!


FYI. Apparently health care professionals DO NOT recommend you do this yourself. If you should decide to,  CLICK THIS LINK at ABOUT.COM WOMEN’S HEALTH SECTION for step-by-step instructions.


FYI. has Gigi Colour Down There on sale for $5.98 a box. Just sayin’.

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