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Alltop, confirmation that I kick ass

Author: toni

~ 08/20/09


Woo-Hoo!  it’s Friday. The end of the first week back at school. AND, my eleven year anniversary! Yes, Randy the perfekt husband and I swapped vows 11 years ago today.

Know what all that calls for? If you guessed a nice, cool alcohol-based beverage… you’d be right!  However, I can’t drink alcohol because I’m still sick. So instead, in keeping with the little “What’s a Virgin?” video I posted yesterday, MAMMAKAZE presents an alcohol-free drink today.

I know. Some of you are disappointed. But you can always add a couple of ounces of RUM to taste.

Anyway. Cheers to all of you mommies out there who made it through the first week. A Good Luck Toast to those who still have that hurdle ahead of them.

And a special toast to Randy, the love of my life. Who has stuck with me through thick and thin. For better or for worse. In sickness AND in health. I couldn’t have picked a better companion with whom to travel down this road of life. I LOVE YOU.




2 very ripe bananas
1 cup diced fresh pineapple, plus 4 wedges for garnish
1 cup pineapple juice
1/2 cup “lite” coconut milk
3 cups ice cubes


Puree bananas, diced pineapple, pineapple juice, coconut milk and ice in a blender. Divide among 4 glasses. Garnish with pineapple wedges.

NUTRITION INFORMATION: Per serving: 130 calories; 2 g fat (2 g sat, 0 g mono); 0 mg cholesterol; 28 g carbohydrate; 2 g protein; 2 g fiber; 12 mg sodium; 338 mg potassium.

Nutrition bonus: Vitamin C (52% daily value).
2 Carbohydrate Servings

Exchanges: 2 fruit, 1/2 fat



Remember…don’t feel guilt and drive!

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