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Alltop, confirmation that I kick ass

Author: toni

~ 08/24/09


I should have just stayed in bed this morning. If I coulda I woulda. I had a bad night. I was sick…yes still.  My kid was hacking up a lung…allergy induced asthma (courtesy of both daddy and ma).  When I finally did sleep some I woke up with a pounding headache.

Got JULIA ready. Rushed her into the car to so we wouldn’t be late to pick up the neighbor JAKE.  Only to realize (when I got to their front door) that I was supposed to do pick-ups this week. NOT drop-offs.

No matter. I had to take in Julia’s inhaler to the school nurse anyway Which they couldn’t take it last Friday because they needed the pediatrician to fax in some paperwork ($10).

Got to school. Jake dropped his thermos getting out of the car. It rolled under the car and stopped against the right rear tire. As I crawled beneath in my light colored capris I noticed…THE TIRE WAS ALMOST FLAT! Lovely.

Took the kids and inhaler into the school. Drove to the Rite Aid to get a Fix-A-Flat.


RITE AID CLERK: I don’t think we have it but if we did, it’d be in Hardware aisle 6.


They had it. It was in Automotive Aisle 5. Which I found after going down 26 other aisles.

Bought it. A FELLOW CUSTOMER who saw my near flat tire told me of a TIRE PLACE just down the street near the Starbucks. Never noticed it before. Noticed the Starbucks about 150 times.

Drove there, waited an hour.  Went to the Starbucks (151st time) to get a banana so I wouldn’t pass out. Got back, waited 30 more minutes for them to tell me it wasn’t the tire but the rim. Third Honda rim to go bad on this car. Damn you Honda! Put the spare tire on. Came home.

So, I still have a bad tire, a bad headache and am behind on posting. Calgon. Take me Away!


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