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Author: toni

~ 08/27/09


Welcome to Good Mommies in Movies where we review movies that, you guessed it, feature “Good Moms”. This is for us less-than-perfekt mommies who sometimes need a little INSPIRATION to get through our days. One way to get it: by watching impossibly great movie moms in action.


I have been pretty ill lately. And seeing me so has made my 7 year-old daughter Julia very concerned. I think children expect their parents to always be strong and when they’re not, well…it rattles their whole world.

It can rattle a mommy’s world too. We always want to be there for our kids. Especially when they are young and need us so… but sometimes life throws us a curve ball.

What the heck does this all have to do with a movie review? Nothing. Except following is a movie where a mommy gets thrown life’s ultimate curve ball. And she inspires us with the grace with which she deals with it. Also, how good (and quite fashionable) she looks through it all.




STEPMOM – This film has TWO GOOD MOMMIES. A biological mom and a stepmom. Now, it’s a tear-jerker. And I don’t want to spoil it for you, but I will. So you better stop reading if you don’t want to know… Susan Sarandon, the divorced mom of TWO KIDS, comes down with cancer. And well, despite the gorgeous home, the perfect clothes, and all the amazing backlighting, it isn’t going to end well for her. And though she is not fond of ex-husband Ed Harris’ new wife Julia Roberts (and let’s face it, who would be if they were being replaced by a younger, skinny-legged international movie star?) she also realizes that her negative feelings toward Julia have nothing to do with Julia’s suitability as a mother figure, or her affection for Susan’s kids. In the end, she passes the mommy mantle to Julia, with her blessing. Now that’s motherly love. And the ultimate sacrifice.  I WILL NOT cry. I WILL NOT cry. (NOTE: CLICK ON the title to order from

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  1. Hope that you are finally on the mend. STEPMOM is one of my favorite movies and whenever my tear ducts need cleaned out, I watch it.

    Comment by MomofMaci — August 28, 2009 @ 7:41 am

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