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Alltop, confirmation that I kick ass

Author: toni

~ 08/31/09


Okay. We mommies have all been guilty of it. Dressing up our kids in adorably cute or silly or outrageous outfits when they were too little to protest. (Mostly I blame ANNE GEDDES for this!) Or combing their hair in a MOHAWK or like that guy from HELLRAISER when they’re babies for future prom night blackmail photos.

And then there are those people who dress up their dogs! These are folks who either DON’T have children they can subject to this strange fetish or their children have reached the age of speaking and can now shout the words “BACK OFF, MOM!”.  So they turn their fetish onto their dogs.

And lemme tell you, there must be LOTS of such folk because last time Julia dragged me into the Pet Store at the mall, I thought I was walking into a GAP KIDS with all the outfits and accessories I saw in there! And some of those blingy, tiny T-shirts sporting words like SPOILED and MOMMY’S BABY cost more than mine! This dressing up doggies is clearly a billion dollar industry.

Well, just when you thought it couldn’t get any crazier or weirder — now folks are TRANSFORMING THEIR DOGS  (specifically their POODLES) to look like other animals entirely!

It’s a new thing called POODLE DOODLES. And there are actually dog shows that feature this.

Check out some of these pictures! They’re AMAZING! Disturbing, but amazing.








As impressed as I am by the artistry involved here, I gotta ask… is this REALLY okay to do to your dog? It’s not like they have a say. And how is this different than dressing your 10 month-old in a black leather jacket and Raybans with a fake cig hanging from his mouth (which I have also seen) all for the sake of a funny picture for the annual Christmas letter?


What do YOU think? Is this DOGGIE ABUSE? Or just plain fun?

NOTE: There’s part of me that thinks these pictures are photoshopped fakes. They’re from a British tabloid and all.  But they’re still cool. And make a point.

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  1. This is defintely doggy abuse. Hey, they have feelings also and who wants to look like a snail with flowers on your butt? Come on, let
    dogs be dogs. Oh by the way did I tell you my female dog has the cutest pink plaid skirt attached to a pink hoodie. But I don’t parade her in public in it; I’m afraid the other dogs will make fun of her. and by the way, whenever I put it on her which is seldom, she
    looks at me like, “you really aren’t doing this again, are you?”

    Comment by MomofMaci — August 31, 2009 @ 6:33 pm

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