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Alltop, confirmation that I kick ass

Author: toni

~ 09/18/09

Well, as I come to the end of yet another week packed with mamma drama (coughing fits, doctor visits, frustration meltdowns, fruitless pleas for ear piercing) I’m feeling pretty wound up. In fact, I feel like letting out a big ol’ angry AAAAARRRRGGGGHHHHH!

Which is actually appropriate since tomorrow (Sept. 19th) is INTERNATIONAL TALK LIKE A PIRATE DAY.

I remember when this day rolled around last year. That’s because I know lots of guys who took it to heart. My brother JOHN for one. And my friend WAYNE. I don’t know how many phone calls I answered that started with, “Arrg! There’s piratin’ to be done!”

Well, in honor of such an important (in the mind of my guy friends) day, I have offered up a little pirate inspired drink.

I did the chocolate version because, well, nothing’s better for PMS and end of the week guilt (oh and a Dementor attack)…well except maybe rum. The combination of the two are guaranteed to make mamma feel all better.



1 1/2 oz Bacardi
1 oz Kahlua coffee liqueur
1 oz milk
2 scoops chocolate ice cream
Mix all ingredients in a cocktail shaker / stirrer and pour into an unusually shaped glass (maybe in the shape of a sword or a treasure chest). Add Crushed Ice and decorations to create a great Bacardi drink from an easy to make recipe!


Now that’s a drink that infamous lady pirates ANNE BONNY & MARY READE would love!


ENJOY! Remember….don’t feel guilt and drive.

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