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Alltop, confirmation that I kick ass

Author: toni

~ 12/02/09


I like Facebook. I admit it. It’s cool and fun (mostly) to keep in touch with people you haven’t heard from in years.

Okay. Also, it can be a little creepy and a little TMI at times. And I do see the dangers it poses to human interraction. As in, it eliminates the need for it. It gives us the sense of being in contact without really having contact. Of having friendships that aren’t truly friendships. Of having relationships without, well, actually being in one.

And we all know those people who carry the whole Facebook thing a bit too far. You know who I’m talking about. You all have those friends that post incessantly about every little thought that crosses their mind or bit of food that crosses their gullet. I’m convinced that these are the people whose moms ooh’d and aah’d over their bowel movements when they were kids.

These are also the people for whom Facebook has become their whole social world. Not me of course. There are whole weeks days hours minutes that go by without me checking my Facebook.

Well, here’s a guy that doesn’t have my self-restraint.  And on his wedding day too. Tsk. Tsk. Don’t want to imagine what that wedding night was like. “OOh, baby, I want to– oh hey! Check it out. Steve’s having a nicoise salad for dinner tonight.”

Check it out. It’s pretty funny.

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