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Author: toni

~ 01/04/10


After a long break (my longest since I started posting last April) MAMMAKAZE is back!

While I felt guilty about not posting for so long, I have to admit, it also felt good just hanging with the family. No pressures.  But now I’m ready to get back to the business of mommyhood and all that entails. And it entails A LOT! And let’s face it, I have a LOT to say.

I look forward to the New Year for many reasons, not the least of which because LAST YEAR SUCKED! But, I’m not complaining.. too much. We’re still standing. And that’s something. That’s a lot in fact.

And truth be told, there were good times too in 2009. In fact, I’ll do my TOP TEN WORST AND BEST of 2009 LIST this week because I’m sure you haven’t had your fill of those already.

Also I’ve got big plans for Mammakaze this year. I want to open a store section in which I will feature mom-related items as well as my own line of snarky greeting cards. Because let’s face it, a Hallmark card doesn’t always say what you want it to say… their in-house counsel won’t let them.

Needless to say, I don’t have an in-house counsel, though I may well wish I did upon my expansion.

Anyway, that’s the plan. I’ll keep ya posted.

Meanwhile, please come back regularly and tell a friend who’ll tell a friend who’ll tell a friend and so on and so on….

HAPPY NEW YEAR. May this year bring you all much prosperity and fewer dishes.

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