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Alltop, confirmation that I kick ass

Author: toni

~ 01/29/10


In a move usually reserved for poorly translated Japanese products (see accompanying photos below) Apple has blundered in naming their latest product.

I mean, the iPad? Really? Did they have the same marketing research company as the folks who came up with Anusol, Vagisil and Grey Poupon?

Already the internet is flooded with complaints and jokes (mostly from women) about the name for this new and apparently very underwhelming product.

Fellow MAMMAKAZE Trudy has already railed against it. She says on her Facebook:


Ipad. Sorry, from a female’s perspective that is THE worst possible name. “I’m just going to plug in my ipad”. “I need to refresh my ipad”. “Do you have a spare ipad?” Don’t they have any women working at Apple?

Apparently not, Trudy. Apparently not. And by the way, very funny.  Know what else is funny? The following is a skit about the iPad from those jokesters at MadTV.  Enjoy.



Other really BAAAAAAAD NAMES for products. I mean, who thought of THESE? Steve Jobs?




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