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Author: toni

~ 03/01/10


I think a lot about a lot of things. More like I ponder. I’m fascinated by things like DNA and the mystery of King Tut’s life and death.  I read The Selfish Gene. And I watch all those shows on the Discovery Channel about the origins of the universe. Well, I DID until Julia got freaked out by Black Holes.

Randy the perfekt husband thinks I’m nuts wondering about things that make no difference to our lives or for which there will be no answer in our lifetime. Well, except for the time I saved his life as a result of watching the Discovery Channel’s show on the Western Diamondback Rattlesnake – but he seems to have conveniently forgotten that.

Anyway, my ponderings do not end with the grander questions of life. The little ones plague me too. And here’s one that has troubled me for some time. I was wondering if any MAMMAKAZES out there have thought about it too and have an answer.


Is it okay to wash bath towels with kitchen towels?



I know. I know. I may be overthinking it. But I’ve got to wonder – especially after reading all those articles about germs and e coli and such. Even on the hot settings, do the towels that one uses to dry ALL the nooks and crannies of the body get clean enough in the laundry that it’s okay to wash them with the towels one uses to dry dishes and utensils that one puts in one’s mouth?


Please post your answers in the COMMENTS. I, and other Mammakazes who may or may not have thought of this question, would appreciate it.

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  1. Tide should kill most pathogens. If you’re still unconvinced, use an oxygen bleach like OxyClean or Chlorox for Colors with your detergent. Lastly, for anthrax, Ebola, or other scary pathogens, dump Lysol or Pinesol (unscented if you don’t like pine) into the wash. For polio, smallpox, and other viruses, soak clothes in full strength Lysterine for 30 minutes before washing. Regular Chlorox (5% sodium hypochlorate) works very well for surfaces, but it can bleach and discolor clothes. Use OxyClean and stop worrying.

    Comment by bruce — March 1, 2010 @ 3:43 pm

  2. The only scientific research I’ve done on this subject is my sheer abundance of experience. I’m typically a separator of the kitchen and bathroom towel loads. However, that being said, if you’ve spent any time at my home you may discover something: I only have white towels. That’s so I can bleach the ever-loving $#*!! out of them. I wash on a setting called “molten lava” and add bleach, and occasionally an oxy-type product. I guess you’re not the only one who’s given this subject some thought…

    Comment by mommymarchbanks — March 1, 2010 @ 4:07 pm

  3. I like how you think mommymarchbanks. I foresee a shift to all white towelage in the household. Unfortunately, my Whirlpool doesn’t have the “molten lava” setting. I’ll have to make up for that with bleach.

    Comment by toni — March 2, 2010 @ 11:13 am

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