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Alltop, confirmation that I kick ass

Author: toni

~ 04/02/10


Well, Easter is this Sunday and if you’re like me, it hit you like a ton of bricks just yesterday that you only had a couple of days to do the Easter Bunny’s bidding.  That guy is such a procrastinator.

And like me, perhaps you made a mad dash while your kid was in school on her last minimum day before Spring Break to Target, Kohl’s and See’s Candy. Well, there was no dashing to See’s. More like standing in line for a really, really long time with a $6.40 box of butter eggs behind the lady buying $300 worth of chocolates. Who’s mom is she? And why isn’t she mine? That freebie sample chocolate was the only thing that kept me from throwing up my hands and going to the Walgreen’s for those hollow bunnies that taste more like wax and aluminum foil than chocolate. Lucky for Julia.

Anyway, her basket is done. See’s chocolate. 2 Webkinz (lest you think I’m a spoiler, they’re the Li’l Kinz) and a pair of jammies. Candies. They make the cutest, silky ones. We don’t do a lot of stuff in the baskets, Especially candy. There’s enough of it in life… very much like disappointment.

I don’t even know WHY I’m doing a basket. I’m not even sure Julia still believes in the Easter Bunny. I suspect she’s faking it so she can get the goods. But hey. I’m all for holding on to the magic as long as possible even if based on a big fat lie and a lot of fakery. It keeps her little in my eyes. A little faker, but still.

Anyway, hope you have a wonderful Easter or Spring Break or whatever you are celebrating during this glorious April week!

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