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Alltop, confirmation that I kick ass

Author: toni

~ 04/09/10


It’s Spring Break and as is our usual custom, Randy the Perfekt husband and I took Julia to Disneyland. And while we love a lot about Disneyland, whenever you jam a sea of humanity into a limited space, there’s gonna be issues.



  1. That your feet will get stepped on a minimum of 32 times (mostly by your own kid)
  2. The hand rail in the line at the Winnie the Pooh ride will be sporting some kind of sticky stuff that you don’t even want to know the origins of.
  3. Regret over telling your husband the secret of the hidden Z’s in the dark tunnel ceiling at the Buzz Lightyear ride. Does he have to beat me at EVERYTHING?
  4. Tram line = hell
  5. You will see at least 10 people in wheelchairs that you are pretty sure are faking it in order to get on the rides faster.
  6. A sea of tattoos and Ed Hardy T-shirts.
  7. Kids you can peg as future residents of San Quentin.
  8. Cut-sies – and not just by kids.
  9. More people eating gigantic turkey legs than you’d see in an episode of The Tudors.
  10. A mom washing her kid’s poopie bottom in the hand washing sink.


Hope you’re having a lovely spring break!


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  1. As matter of fact, we were there not long ago. Here is a list of things the Mommymarchbanks family DID NOT expect from our trip to the happiest place on earth…
    1. Utilization of 2 entire canisters of antibacterial wet wipes
    2. A 45 minute wait at Indiana Jones…AT MIDNIGHT
    3. An empty Rivers of America (where the Riverboat, Canoes, and Sailing ship sail)…Closed(empty)for refurbishment
    4. A mobile app for the phone that lets you know how long the wait times are for rides, lets you make dinner reservations and scout characters…yeah, we discovered this after we got home.
    5. An empty restaurant at dinner time…Storytellers Cafe in the Grand Californian…food was good, decibel level was low.
    6. People devouring those greasy turkey legs while touching things like HANDRAILS at the Winnie the Pooh ride….gross!
    7. Being evacuated from our hotel with a fire alarm.
    8. My in-laws
    9. More families in matching t-shirts than I’ve ever seen in one place
    10. My 3 year old skipping EVERYWHERE because she couldn’t contain her excitement and enthusiasm.

    Comment by mommymarchbanks — April 9, 2010 @ 12:21 pm

  2. Hey! You had the same Disneyland experience as us! So you think the slime at Winnie the Pooh was the greasy turkey legs? That’s a lot more pleasant than what I was imagining. And we heard about the mobile app AFTER the fact. Julia mentioned it right before she threw up behind the carousel at California Adventure. That pretty much put an end to our adventure AND to the rest of spring break.

    Comment by toni — April 11, 2010 @ 7:51 pm

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