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Alltop, confirmation that I kick ass

Author: toni

~ 06/04/10


I don’t know about you but I’m tired. Also I’m hot. Hot and tired, a cranky combination for any MAMMAKAZE.

The school year is winding down (we have a week left) and there’s a certain relief to that because the mommy treadmill I’ve been on of late leaves little time for MY pursuits (as you can see by my LACK OF POSTING!).

And then there’s the math. You know what math I’m talking about. The math you do when, after hours at the computer scrambling to get your kid into those limited space parks and rec classes that are sooooo cheap everyone wants them, you add up all the hours of activities you’ve scheduled for your kid for the summer and you realize they add up to a grand total of ONE DAY! And you’re like, how could I have spent so much $$$$$ for what amounts to 24 hours worth of glorified babysitting and what the heck am I gonna do with this kid for the other 7 weeks and 6 days?!  

Despite the fact that this happens every year, it remains a rude awakening in our household.

Know what I need? A cocktail. Ah, but not just any cocktail. One that takes almost NO preparation and will still get me the proper balance of “relaxed” and “cooled off”.

Hence, the FROZEN LIME DAIQUIRI. Isn’t it funny how that’s spelled, daiquiri? You don’t really expect that extra “i” in there. The one after the “a”. But it’s there and I keep forgetting it and having to go back and put it in and it’s really starting to annoy me so I’m only going to type is one more time before I go and make myself one. I hope you like. I hope it cools you down. I hope it puts you in a MAMMAKAZE STATE OF MIND.


1 (12 fluid ounce) can frozen limeade concentrate

12 fluid ounces rum

1 tray ice cubes

Directions: In a blender, combine limeade concentrate, rum and ice cubes. Blend until smooth. Pour into glasses and serve immediately.


See? Wasn’t that easy? Don’t you feel relaxed already? Now just sit back and enjoy. But not too much. Remember,  it’s your responsibility to make sure the kiddies stay safe. Our right to mommy relaxation ends when the pointy scissors and matches make their appearance.

And remember.  Don’t feel guilty and parent. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

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