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Author: toni

~ 06/09/10


I try not to judge other parents. The key word is “try”. Because sometimes, I’ll admit it, I do. Case in point, this show on TLC called TODDLERS AND TIARAS. It’s all about the world of little girl beauty pageants. Yep, that whole JonBenet Ramsey creepiness still lives and it has it’s own TV show.

I watched this clip and it made me rethink everything I know as a mother regarding my daughter’s behavior. In fact, if I compare any episode of Julia’s discomfiture (explicable or inexplciable) it doesn’t come near the horrific brattiness of the kid in this video.

But I don’t blame her. Because I can assure you, she did not learn that attitude from watching DORA. No siree. That comes from listening to the adults around you. AND from them allowing you to get away with acting like a little diva from hell.

Suddenly Lindsay Lohan seems like a dream child.

OMG. If that was my kid. Well, it wouldn’t be, I’ll tell you that. I may be a bit on the soft side as a mom, but I would NEVER  let my kid get away with talking to me like that.

Then again, is it really the kid’s fault? I mean, her mother is pushing her into this whole pageant thing. She’s creating her own little Frankendiva.

All I can say is BAD MOMMY. BAD!

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