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Alltop, confirmation that I kick ass

Author: toni

~ 09/03/10


MAMMAKAZE Jennifer posted this on her Facebook. She didn’t make it up. Someone else did. I guess it’s been around a while which means that of course I’ve never read it before. In case you’re like me – completely out of the loop – and/or if you’re feeling the need for a little mommy appreciation – either directed at you or to a mommy you know – read and enjoy.  

It’s about how we look at mothers at various ages/stages in our lives. I’ve lived these stages with my own mom. I’m reliving them as we speak with my own kid, only now the tables have turned and I’m the one being judged. But I can handle it knowing that one day Julia will be in my shoes.

It’s all about PAYBACK, baby! Eer, I mean, it’s all about the beauty of the natural cycles of life repeating themselves endlessly through time. See how I spun that? Now you think I’m a nice mommy. I’m clever that way.


4 years: Mom knows everything!

8 years: Mom knows a lot!*  

12 years: Mom really doesn’t know everything!

14 years: Mom knows nothing!

16 years: Mom, what mom??

18 years: Mom is outdated!

25 years: Maybe mom knows!

35 years: Before deciding let’s ask mom!

45 years: I wonder what mom thinks!…

75 years: I wish mom was here to ask her!

* (Note: This is where I am with my kid, with some eye rolling thrown in)


Aw. Isn’t that lovely?  And so optimistic that we older moms will actually be around long enough in our kids’ lives that we’ll live to see them eat their words appreciate us again.

In any case, I thought it was a nice piece. And since I already admitted to crying four times during Ramona and Beezus, it can be of no surprise to you people that I have a sentimental side – albeit one with a sarcastic underbelly.

So sue me! And have a nice Labor Day Weekend!

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  1. This same thing happens to boys and their dads, in almost the same time frame. Are you becoming your mom? There are exceptions, however. Where do you think Mel Gibson thinks his father (holocaust denyer, rabid Roman Catholic Pedophile believer, anti-Semite) stands on this chart?

    Comment by Bruce — September 3, 2010 @ 5:11 pm

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