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Alltop, confirmation that I kick ass

Author: toni

~ 04/03/09

If you’re looking for the perfekt gift of wisdom, guidance and/or humor for that mom-friend in your life OR if you find that you have time for some light reading in your busy schedule (yeah right)  OR you simply need one more thing on your end table to collect dust,  following are some books on various mommy-related topics (health, guilt, nutrition, guilt, sex, guilt) that might help you rethink filling that prescription of Prozac you’ve been carrying around in your purse. Just CLICK on the title for the link. And check periodically for updates.

THE BUSY MOM’S ULTIMATE FITNESS GUIDE; SENSIBLE EXERCISE FOR BUSY MOMS (5 stars) – Apparently a sane approach to fitness that’s realistic. In the end, only you can make yourself get up and exercise, but some motivational words and specific direction can’t hurt.

CLUES FOR REAL LIFE: THE CLASSIC WIT AND WISDOM OF NANCY DREW –  Okay, I know. Nancy was never a mom. And wasn’t likely to be given her “special” relationship with best butch girlfriend George. This is just a fun book and makes a fun gift for a girlfriend who used to be into the girl sleuth as a kid. There’s a whole chapter on friendship, called Friendship Files which is super cute. One quote proclaims “Best friends are like high heels. Every girl needs a good pair.” Ain’t that the truth, sister.

THE COMPLETE KAMA SUTRA (4 stars) – For those mommies out there for whom sex has become something to squeeze in between loads of laundry and so “routine” you’ve noticed the crack in the ceiling above your bed looks a lot like Nixon’s profile, here’s something to spice things up. I mean, you’d have to be Sting (he of tantric sex fame) or yoga-fanatic Madonna to do any some of the positions. But trying them might be good for a few laughs in the bedroom. And who doesn’t need a good laugh during sex sometimes?  Also, this version is very informative from a historical point of view. So if some snoopy neighbor happens to spot it between the cushions of your sofa, you can say you’re “reading it for the articles”.

DECEPTIVELY DELICIOUS: SIMPLE SECRETS TO GET YOUR KIDS EATING GOOD FOOD by Jessica Seinfeld (3 ½ stars) –  Yeah, this is that cookbook you heard about written by Jerry Seinfeld’s wife who , let’s face it, doesn’t need any more money. But anyway, she came up with a way to get fruit and veggies into your kids by pureeing them and then cooking them into foods that they will eat. So if you’ve got a cuisinart, the time (cuz it’s pretty time-consuming) and the inclination, this might be the ticket for your picky eater. My mommy friend really likes the book and her kids liked the recipes she made. If you’re not put off by the thought of Gingerbread Spice Cake made with broccoli and carrot puree, have at it mommy. If you are, that’s what those Costco multivitamins are for.

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